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Eileen G. Gorman, PhD, USPTO
Registered Patent Agent

With twenty-five years experience in the medical products and life sciences industry, Dr. Eileen Gorman has worked in all aspects of the industry, including raising capital, strategic planning, managing academic-industrial partnership and interfacing with manufacturing. She has helped early stage biotechnology companies raise over $10 million in non-diluting funds that clients levered into further funding. She has developed strategic, marketing and technical analysis for companies ranging from clinical diagnostics, gene-based medicine, analytical instrument equipment, disease focuses including several cancers, infectious diseases among others. She has translated this experience as chair of business sessions at both BIO and the American Association of Clinical Chemistry Conferences. She has been a guest speaker at local sections of the AACC as well.

Her experience includes 15 years at DuPont Diagnostics (now Siemens) where she rose from Research Scientist through the ranks to Research management including Technical Marketing Management. During this time she was responsible for commercialization of 5 products that were fully integrated into clinical systems. She had leadership responsibility for groups interfacing with Manufacturing, Sales, Service and Business Leadership and Management for day-to-day operation of a $500 million dollar business.

Dr. Eileen Gorman has an outstanding record of achievement in basic research and product development. Dr. Gorman is an inventor on one issued patent and is the author of over 50 papers, chapters, abstracts, and corporate reports. She was a Staff Fellow at the NHLBI at the National Institutes of Health.



College of Science, University of Texas at El Paso, Golden Nugget Award, 2008.

Mentor of the Year Award, Science Center, Philadelphia, PA, 2003

Elizabeth Bingham award from AWIS PHL, Philadelphia chapter of the Association for Women in Science, 2000. Award for mentoring and fostering careers in science.

"We are already looking into using them again."

- President at a biotechnology company.

An independent third party conducted a quality survey for DNA Bridges,Inc. The third party, in association with Dunn and Bradstreet, interviewed several clients. All clients stated that the costs met expectations and projects were competed on time.