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Cori Gorman, PhD, MBA

With twenty-five years experience in the biotechnology industry, Dr. Gorman has worked in all aspects of the biotechnology industry, including raising capital, strategic planning and developing infrastructure. She has helped early stage biotechnology companies raise over $ 80 million (federal funds and VCs) and has closed over 25 partnerships in a corporate development capacity. She has used this experience to chair a number of sessions on business models and financing for early stage companies at BIO and Bio-Europe conferences. She has been a guest lecturer on the business of biotechnology at Yale and at Haas Business School, UC Berkeley. Under her vision, DNA Bridges Inc. has expanded its reach beyond the US into Europe and Australia.

Her experience in the biotechnology industry includes a ten-year period at Genentech where she helped to develop of a number of marketed products including Kogenate, Activase, Herceptin, Xolair, and Raptiva. Based on her work at Genentech, Cori is also recognized as a pioneer in the development of monoclonal antibody therapeutics and has co-authored 6 INDs. Upon leaving her position at Genentech, Cori co-founded two biotech start-ups, one of which, Valentis, went public.

Dr. Gorman has an outstanding record of achievement in basic research and drug development. Dr. Cori Gorman is an inventor on nine issued patents in the fields of gene expression and delivery and gene therapy and is recognized as one of the most highly cited people in her field in the last two decades. Dr. Gorman developed the CAT assay, which was the industry standard for more than fifteen years. Her scientific work has received over 10,000 citations

Cori has received several fellowships from such organizations as the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, the European Molecular Biology Organization and NATO.



Scientific work cited over 13,000 times, including nine classic citations

Recipient of American Cancer Society Fellowship

Recipient of NATO Fellowship

Recipient of European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Fellowship

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Washington State University

Graduated Sigma Cum Laude University of Texas El Paso

One of the Top Ten Graduates University of Texas El Paso

"Cori Gorman has an extraordinarily high level of expertise, which was one of the critical factors in choosing her for this. When things come up again, she is the person I will go to."

- Senior scientist at a biotechnology company

An independent third party conducted a quality survey for DNA Bridges,Inc. The third party, in association with Dunn and Bradstreet, interviewed several clients. All clients stated that the costs met expectations and projects were competed on time.

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