DNA Bridges®, Inc. has worked with many of the world's leading biopharmaceutical companies over the years.  Our clients include top biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as midsize and startup biotechs, venture capital and law firms.

These are some of our selected clients:

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"Cori Gorman has an extraordinarily high level of expertise, which was one of the critical factors in choosing her for this. When things come up again, she is the person I will go to."

- Senior scientist at a biotechnology company

An independent third party conducted a quality survey for DNA Bridges, Inc. All clients stated that the costs met expectations and projects were competed on time.

  • Biotechnology companies

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Early stage biotech companies

  • Multi-national companies

  • Biosimilar companies

  • Law firms

  • Venture capitalists


San Francisco Office

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