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DNA Bridges, Inc. is committed to time-saving, cost-effective solutions to help achieve client objectives. Diverse technical and business expertise among our consultants creates a wide range of ideas and perspectives, which offer our clients a competitive advantage.

The DNA Bridges, Inc. team provides expert consulting and professional services to the life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries. Strategic and operational solutions are based on more than 30 years' experience in industry. Experienced in: gene expression, recombinant protein production, patent portfolio management, cell culture manufacturing, clinical diagnostics and strategic planning.


L. Gene Burton, PhD

Protein Chemistry and Process Development, GMP Manufacturing

Gene Burton, Ph.D., brings more than 22 years of biotechnology industry experience, working in various roles in biotechnology company management, including recombinant drug process and product development and as a seasoned protein chemist. Most recently, he was VP of Product Development and Process Sciences at Receptor BioLogix, Inc., a startup company in the oncology space working in the HER family system of receptors. Prior to the role at Receptor BioLogix, he spent over 17 years at Genentech, Inc. and 5 years at Bayer Corporation, primarily focused on recombinant protein purification, process design and manufacturing implementation at scale, for pre-IND, IND and BLA drug candidates. He also helped direct the purification design and small-scale production of over 50 different research proteins as well as contributing to the development of two different drug screening programs. He was instrumental in the development program of a drug candidate from its inception to completion of Phase III, acting as either project team leader, CMC team leader or its process development manager, over the course of the project's history.

In addition to his industry experience, Dr. Burton served as an assistant professor and adjunct assistant professor at The Rockefeller University. He has had two postdoctoral experiences: at The Rockefeller with Dr. Stanford Moore, working with ribonuclease inhibitors, and at Stanford University with Dr. Eric Shooter, working with nerve growth factor. He is a member of the ASBMB, Society for Neuroscience and the AAAS, with more than 50 peer-reviewed publications and 5 patent applications or issues. Dr. Burton is a B.S. in Chemistry from Montana State University and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Michigan State University.

Cammie Edwards, PhD

Corporate Strategy

Cammie Edwards, PhD has over 20 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. Her early career was in pre-clinical drug development, later moving into corporate development. She has been with DNA Bridges since 2004. In her role at DNA Bridges, she has assisted clients in raising funds (> $20 million in both private and federal funding), corporate positioning, business development, and management of large projects and contracts. Dr. Edwards’ areas of expertise are oncology, inflammation, translational science and biologics development; however, she has worked successfully with both U.S. and international clients in a broad range of areas that also include vaccines, biodefense and biomarker technologies. Prior to working with DNA Bridges/DNA Gateway, Dr. Edwards was as a scientist at Roche Biosciences where she led a group developing novel small molecule therapies for the treatment of fibrotic diseases. At Genentech and Bristol-Myers Squibb, she worked in advancing products in anti-inflammatory programs. Dr. Edwards earned her PhD in Physiology (Molecular and Cellular Biology) from the University of California, Berkeley.


Clifford L. Hendrick, MBA

Corporate Strategy

Cliff Hendrick is the Founder of Aquila Executive Services, a consulting firm specializing in business strategy, portfolio management and executive support for start-up and early development stage companies. Cliff’s executive leadership experience includes serving as the Vice President and General Manager of Early Development for the Oncology business at Genzyme Corp., a biotechnology leader in cancer research. Throughout his career he has been involved in research and development, operations, program and alliance management, and business development.

Cliff joined Genzyme in 1989 through its merger with Integrated Genetics. Prior to assuming his latest position, he had served as Vice President, Operations for Genzyme Oncology and for Genzyme Molecular Oncology since its formation in June 1997. At Genzyme, he oversaw program and alliance management for the Oncology business unit, including small molecule and antibody-based therapies, and advanced six candidates into early stage clinical trials. He managed strategic partnerships with both Kirin Pharmaceuticals and Purdue Pharma, representing $25MM in research funding/milestones.

His career includes working with Integrated Genetics and Millipore Corporation, holding leadership positions in research and development and operations. He was a member of the Management Advisory Board of Signet Laboratories until its acquisition by Covance Inc. and is a former Board Member of the New England Regional Chapter of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals.

Cliff holds a B.S. in Life Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an M.B.A. from Northeastern University.


Gregory Landes, PhD

Biotechnology Consultant

Gregory Landes has over 30 years of biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industry experience with broad expertise in antibody drug discovery, antibody preclinical development, antibody drug conjugates, target discovery and validation, molecular biology, genetics, genomics, and biochemistry. He has held positions of significant responsibility with major biopharmaceutical companies including Takeda California (VP, Biological Sciences), Takeda San Francisco (VP, Discovery/Ab Research/Preclinical Development), Lexicon Pharmaceuticals (VP, Biotherapeutics), Abgenix (VP, Product Discovery), Genzyme Corporation (VP, Genetics and Genomics), and Integrated Genetics Incorporated ((Senior Scientist, Genetics and DNA Diagnostics). His broad research experience provides a unique and multi-dimensional perspective on target and drug discovery, which has been leveraged in multiple organizations. Dr. Landes has been an invited speaker at international and national meetings in genomics and antibody drug discovery. He holds a BA in Chemistry and PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Kansas and was awarded a post-doctoral scholarship from the Molecular Biology Institute at UCLA and also received an NIH post-doctoral award while at UCLA.


Robert Meister

Integrated Communications and Creative Services

Robert Meister has more than 12 years of experience in lifescience corporate, brand and creative communications. Robert provides strategic communications support to pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and third party organizations. His unique hybrid experience leverages expertise in corporate communications, brand strategy, design and information technology. Robert’s experience comprises a wide range of activities and projects designed to support both corporate and product objectives. These include branding and message development, FDA panel logistics, media relations, investor relations, patient and professional communications and issues management. Robert has been involved the development and execution of programs for a wide variety of biopharma companies. He has also helped many small, start-up companies with their corporate messaging/positioning.

During the course of his career, Robert has been involved in a broad scope of scientific and medical subjects including HIV/AIDS, oncology, stem cells, plasma fractionation and derivatives, skin and tissue rejuvenation and the aesthetics markets and cell line development.

Dave Vetterlein, PhD

CMO Arrangements, Process Development, GMP Manufacturing

David Vetterlein, PhD, brings over 25 years of biotechnology experience in the areas of bioprocessing and protein manufacturing. Most recently, Dr. Vetterlein worked in numerous capacities at ICOS Corporation. At ICOS, he built a clinical manufacturing facility and developed the infrastructure needed to support a pipeline of biologic products at a production scale of up to 3,000L. This included hiring and staff management for process engineering, project management, upstream and downstream process development and cGMP manufacturing through Phase III development in preparation for commercial launch. Additionally, Dr. Vetterlein established a very successful contract manufacturing business at ICOS, completing more than 25 different projects from yeast, CHO and E.coli origin and developing many novel biologic manufacturing processes and characterization methods. In 2007, the ICOS biologics division was sold to CMC Biopharma of Copenhagen and Dr. Vetterlein became Chief Science Officer, focusing on process troubleshooting, originating new process technologies, and establishing the conceptual design for a large-scale commercial manufacturing facility.

Prior to ICOS, Dr. Vetterlein worked at Genentech, Inc. for 10 years as a Senior Scientist where he developed processes for manufacturing of vaccines, antibodies and other proteins. He is a member of the Amgen Bioprocess Advisory Board at Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences in Claremont, CA and in 2009 he became an adjunct faculty member. Dr. Vetterlein earned in PhD in Biology (Biochemistry) from the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he utilized biophysical methods to study the kinetic and allosteric properties of a cytoplasmic enzyme.

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